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Product Spotlight

available from Primus Cable
Fiber Optics Patch Panels Whatever you need, we have the ideal Fiber Optic Patch Panel for you. Our panels feature 12 to 24 ports and are available with either SC or ST connectors. We offer rackmounted units that easily mount on standard 19" racks, as well as wallmount units that feature built in... Read more ›
available from Boon Edam Inc.
If an entry is a mobility hotspot that signifies the gateway to the visitor’s destination, a building’s entrance is a small mobility hotspot in itself. The entrance is the first contact a visitor has with a building; it is the building’s calling card and should signal to the visitor that he is in... Read more ›
available from Kouba & Associates Inc.
Barrier style optical turnstiles provide an increased level of security by means of a physical barrier. The barriers are normally extended, then retract into the turnstile housing when a valid card signal is received from the card access systems. The barriers remain in the retracted position... Read more ›

Top Companies

Designed Security, Inc. (DSI) provides a full range of access management products: optical turnstiles and mechanical turnstiles, entry control, door alarms and tailgate detection systems. DSI is a part of some of the world’s busiest buildings. We are a leader in providing customized security products to fit building aesthetics while meeting...
Since 1995, Kouba Systems has responded to the need for new and improved functions and operations of electronic security and access control devices.
Boon Edam provides a comprehensive range of security entrance products for preventing unauthorized entry at any location, from the fenceline/perimeter to an internal data center. The company's specialties are security doors, turnstiles and revolving doors.