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Product Spotlight

available from Kouba & Associates Inc.
Optical Turnstiles with a brushed stainless steel finish. Card In/Card Out access, guard desk annunciator and Backlit Display Indicator Graphics. The turnstiles come in either 60", 48" or 36" lengths....
available from Designed Security, Inc.
The ES600 series annunciators provide an efficient means of displaying the state of security devices throughout a monitored facility. They serve to provide visual and audible indication of alarms as they occur, giving security personnel the ability to monitor a large complex from a single location....

Top Companies

Since 1995, Kouba Systems has responded to the need for new and improved functions and operations of electronic security and access control devices.
Designed Security, Inc. (DSI) provides a full range of access management products: optical turnstiles and mechanical turnstiles, entry control, door alarms and tailgate detection systems. DSI is a part of some of the world’s busiest buildings. We are a leader in providing customized security products to fit building aesthetics while meeting...