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    •Trademark/Copyright Infringements •Employee Misconduct and Theft •Corporate Embezzlement & Fraud •Insurance Fraud •OSHA Compliance&Safety Wrongdoing •Partner Disputes and other related Investigation Read More
  • Available from Designed Security, Inc.

    The ES600 series annunciators provide an efficient means of displaying the state of security devices throughout a monitored facility. They serve to provide visual and audible indication of alarms as they occur, giving security personnel the ability to monitor a large complex from a single... Read More
  • Available from Kouba & Associates Inc.

    Our Mantrap Systems provide a high level of security by interlocking two or more controlled doors and allowing only one door to be opened at a time. These highly customizable systems are available as complete units (shown to the right) or as a components package. Our complete outdoor mantrap... Read More
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  • We are a premier Private Investigation Firm, that specializes in the use of undercover decoy investigators while conducting Corporate, Civil & Criminal Investigations. Specializing in a cost-effective method to ascertain difficult information quickly. Read More
  • For more than 30 years, DSI has developed custom and standard state-of-the-art security and access control solutions for corporate, commercial, government and industrial markets. Read More
  • Since 1995, Kouba Systems has responded to the need for new and improved functions and operations of electronic security and access control devices. Read More