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White Papers for Commercial Security Systems and Access Control

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'Means of Egress' Summary of NFPA Code Requirments
by Camden Door Controls
Camden Door Controls’ HOW TO GUIDE FOR INSTALLING CODE COMPLIANT ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS UTILIZING MAGNETIC LOCKS is an invaluable reference for low voltage contractors and system/project designers. This 10 page booklet has been published to bring all the salient information together in one easy to use...

DVTEL Case Study: Terminals
by DVTEL, Inc.
In many countries, airports, ports and terminals represent a vital economic engine. As a result, they have become prime targets for disruptive criminal attacks and vandalism.DVTEL’s end-to-end video solutions protect these facilities by recording, analyzing and archiving events that pose threats...

Inductive Loads in Life Safety Applications
by LifeSafety Power, Inc.
Many loads in the life safety industry are inductive in nature. Inductive loads are devices which use coils of wire to generate a magnetic field - these include magnetic locks, door strikes, solenoids, crash bars, and electric motors as well as other devices. Unlike a simple resistive load, inductive...